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Most of the features of the Combat Shroud are focused on giving us an advantage against close-quarter threats. That's an intentional part of it's design. The data shows that of all the different types of deadly threats we might possibly face, the vast majority are most likely to come from less than 20-feet away. Advanced combative shooters will tell you that using the sights to aim visually at those distances is the wrong approach.

So why are we worrying about sights?

Many of us who train for recreational, competitive or professional handgun combatives enjoy the challenge of shooting "farther-faster". And as a practical matter, the Greenwood Park Mall shooting reminded us that being proficient at 40 yards and beyond isn't just a handgunner's version of practicing 3-pointers. It could be a genuinely useful skill to have.

Far too few of us understand how our handgun's "Zero-Distances" affect the performance of our shooting. And even fewer do anything to control where those distances are for us. That's where an adjustable rear sight comes into play for every combative handgun shooter, whether they use a Combat Shroud or not.

The tritium elements in MeproLight's Adjustable Rear Sight, provides one more option in low-light conditions, particularly at longer distances. It allows you to make fine adjustments to both elevation and windage with just a small screwdriver. If you're willing to put in the practice and want to cover all your bases, this is the right sight for you.

We've put this sight through its paces. It's a workhorse. We've got over 25,000 rounds on a Glock G19 with this rear sight and have never had it come out of alignment.

The body of this sight is CNC milled out of 4140 hardened steel, then sealed with a protective nitrite coating to prevent corrosion.


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