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Everything You’ve Learned About Stance is Wrong!

Marksmanship shooting and combatives shooting are completely different kinds of shooting. Different aiming, sight pictures, trigger pull, etc. And... different positioning. I'm not talking about shooting from cover, or any ridiculous "dance steps in the open" nonsense. This is about Counter-Offensive pressure.

An External Safety just Might be Your Best Choice

The debate over whether external safeties are a good or bad option for a combatives pistol has been influenced by a lot of bad information. In this article, you'll get a facts-based perspective that might give you new information to consider, and help you decide what the best choice for you may be.

two hand draw

Handgun Training and its Dirty Little Secrets

Every industry seems to have its "dirty little secrets" - things that aren't common knowledge, false assumptions, facts that run counter to common sense, etc. In the world of handgun training, one of our dirty secrets is "There's stuff that sells and there's stuff that really saves lives". You really need to know the difference.

Who Dares Challenge Cooper’s Safety Rules?

There are two kinds of danger we need to address with our safety rules. The potential danger that comes from how we handle a gun is obvious. But let's not forget why we carry a handgun. to protect ourselves from the potential dangers from others. Cooper's rules come up short for that. Let's go through each rule, and let you decide for yourself.

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