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The Broadside Profile

The features that create the bold looks and brute strength of the Broadside also helps further tame your gun's recoil. The Recoil-Ridge(TM) that runs midline, down both sides of the shroud creates a "carry-practical" version of what competition shooters call a "gas pedal". This keeps your support-hand thumb firmly connected to the gun's frame throughout the longest strings of rapid fire and when steadiness is demanded for longer-range accuracy. It makes a 40-cal or 357-SIG feel more like a 9mm, and a 9mm feel more like a 380-auto.

The Defender Top-Feature

The subdued appearance of the Defender is the preferred choice for image-conscious agencies, and individuals who prefer a simple and clean look. More than just aesthetics, the Defender provides the maximum level of protection when it comes to keeping dirt or debris out of your gun, which means greater reliability in any environment, whether that's the street, the outdoors or downrange.

The Bottom Profiles

The 'Classic' bottom profile was designed for GEN3 and GEN4 Glocks, and uses an extended Locking Block Retaining Pin to secure the Shroud to the gun's frame. The 'Access' profile was created for two reasons. First, to make it compatible with GEN5 Glocks, which allows the Shroud to be secured by the trigger pin. (GEN5 Glocks don't have a Locking Block Retaining Pin.) And second, to give shooters access to the Slide Lock while the Shroud is mounted. This makes the Shroud compatible with other devices, such as the LaserMax guide rod.

Thumb Grooves

Adding thumb grooves to your Combat Shroud? not only adds additional styling to your gun, it also provides an additional gripping surface. This translates into less muzzle rise and better recoil management. Thumb grooves on Shrouds with Broadside profiles are the most aggressive at holding your thumb in place when shooting from full extension. While thumb grooves on Slimline models provide better grip than similar models with no thumb grooves, they have a less aggressive feel, which is preferred by some.


  • 7075-T6 Aerospace Grade  Aluminum Faceplate
  • 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body
  • Milspec (MIL-A-8625, Type III) Hardcoat Anodization
  • Teflon® Impregnated (PTFE) Finish Coating
  • 2.9 ounces of Non-Reciprocating Ballast Weight
  • Reduced Recoil from Ballast Weight and Muzzle Brake
  • Triple Key-Way Joints
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Extended Pins
  • Black Oxide Alloy Steel Torx-Plus® Fasteners
  • Vibration-Resistant Bonding
  • Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3 Compatible Holsters
  • Red-Dot Optics and Adjustable Iron Sights Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty Covers Any Manufacturing Defects
  • Patent #10788286

NOTE: Some images my not accurately represent certain configurations. You can find images of the individual features on our homepage. Please contact us for additional images.


Type-1 Lights and Lasers

  • StreamLight TLR-7
  • StreamLight TLR-8
  • Olight Baldr Mini
  • Olight Baldr S BL
  • Olight PL Mini 2


    1. The Combat Shroud(TM) (hereafter "Shroud") is designed to reduce the likelihood that an attacker would be able to grab a handgun, which you are  carrying as a defensive weapon, in such a way that the handgun would partially or completely malfunction, rendering it useless as a defensive weapon.  However, for a Shroud to be used effectively, the user must train and become proficient with relevant defensive handgun techniques. Such training is the sole responsibility of the user.
    2. Some individuals and agencies have developed defensive handgun techniques wherein the user holds the Shroud with his or her support hand. Holding any handgun close to the muzzle, Shrouded or not, could potentially result in serious injuries or worse to the shooter or others.  Anyone with a handgun that has a Shroud mounted on it is responsible for getting the proper training and adequate practice, before using it on a "live"handgun. Moreover, the user is solely responsible for any injuries to anyone as a result of how he or she handles a Shrouded handgun.
    3. Mounting a Shroud on your handgun is likely to leave scratch marks, marring, dents, paint loss, blemishes and/or other superficial damage to your handgun, and/or any mounted lights, lasers or other accessories. Do not mount a Shroud on any handgun where this type of superficial damage is not acceptable to you.
    4. Recoil dampening is generated by propellant gases being redirected by the muzzle-brake surfaces of the Shroud. These redirected gases will likely leave more soot on parts of the handgun than what would be seen on an non-Shrouded handgun.


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