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An External Safety just Might be Your Best Choice

I really thought this one had been put to bed years ago but I just saw yet another rant about the evils of external safeties and how they will inevitably get you killed during the stress of a 3-second gunfight. While the commentator was fair in acknowledging that some people can successfully "run and gun" […]

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Handgun Training and its Dirty Little Secrets

Every industry seems to have its "dirty little secrets" - things that aren't common knowledge, false assumptions, facts that run counter to common sense, etc. In the world of handgun training, one of our dirty secrets is "There's stuff that sells and there's stuff that really saves lives". Running a close second is "We assign […]

Who Dares Challenge
Cooper’s Safety Rules?

Somehow, I managed to make it to my 30's before I heard of Colonel Jeff Cooper's safety rules. That included enlistments in the 6th Marines Infantry, the Army 19th SFGA and the Army 18th Engineers as a medic. So, I had spent a fair amount of time carrying around things that go bang for Uncle […]